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The results of the regional competition "Exporter of the year in the Tyumen region in 2020

The results of the regional competition "Exporter of the year in the Tyumen region in 2020
29 May 2020
12 leading exporting enterprises of the region competed for the title of the best in five categories:

- Exporter of the year in the industry,

- Exporter of the year in the agricultural sector,

- Exporter of the year in the service sector,

- Exporter of the year in the field of high technology,

- "Breakthrough of the Year"

The award ceremony was first held online on May 28, 2020 on the Tyumen Time Channel.

The winner in the nomination "Exporter of the year in the industry" was the company "Tyumen Aerosols". Every month, 1 million spray cans with various mixtures leave the conveyor of the Tyumen plant. Of the new products - an antiseptic with silver particles and medical oxygen for breathing. The company is actively exporting to Kazakhstan and America, Belarus, Northern and Southern Europe, China and Israel. Soon the first batch will go to the UK.

The winner in the nomination Exporter of the year in the agricultural sector was Zavodoukovsk creamery. One and a half thousand tons of rapeseed oil is sent monthly from the Zavodoukovsky plant to Europe and Asia. The main consumers today are Sweden, Norway and China. Foreigners value Tyumen rapeseed oil for quality, as the oil is squeezed out exclusively by mechanical means. In the process - no artificial enzymes, while most plants in the world use chemistry in technology

The company "Russian distributor" became the "Exporter of the year in the service sector". Participants in the development and implementation of the national project on digitalization of the Russian economy received recognition not only in their country. For two years now, Tyumen IT specialists have been writing programs for the government of Uzbekistan. One of the company's recent projects for the near abroad is the digital certificate COVID-19. This is a kind of health passport.

The leader in the nomination "Exporter in the field of high technology" was the company "Alpha Drive". Snowder's brand in the world of snow racers is almost like Harley Davidson for ordinary bikers. The company is known both in the East and in the West. Tyumen company snowboarders ride in the Principality of Andorra and on the slopes of Greenland. In some positions in technology, young Tyumen entrepreneurs have surpassed Japan and the United States. Now in these countries they prefer to order kits from Tyumen.

The winner in the special Breakthrough of the Year nomination was the NordEco company. Since 2018, the company has been sending absolutely unique goods to China - deer antlers. And this is no coincidence, since the eastern healers of the Middle Kingdom widely use this valuable raw material for the preparation of medicines and dietary supplements from ancient times. Recognition of the breakthrough activities of the young company NordEco will certainly lead them to new victories in international markets.

Detailed information can be found in the Export Support Center of the Tyumen Region: +7 (3452) 53-40-00 ext. 1006, 1003,, Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship of the Tyumen Region: (3452) 426467.

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