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The focus is on the grain market of the Tyumen region

The focus is on the grain market of the Tyumen region
24 May 2020
The recent online meeting of the Committee on Agrarian and Food Industry of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (WTP) discussed the prospects for the development of the grain market of the Tyumen region.

A serious analysis of the grain, flour and bread market in the Russian Federation was presented by Evgenia Parmukhina, a leading analyst at the Tecart consulting group. She also gave a forecast for the development of this market. Weather conditions in the leading grain-producing regions of Russia already make adjustments to expectations for grain crops - the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation lowered its forecast for grain harvest in the country in 2020 from 125.3 to 120 million tons.

Nevertheless, Russia remains one of the leaders of grain exports in the world, as Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about at a meeting on the situation in agriculture and the food industry.

All this makes the share in the production of grain crops of regions that historically not belong to the main breadbasket of the country more significant. This also explains the interest of the working group on agricultural industry of the VTP WG to the market of grain, flour and confectionery products of the Tyumen region.

The topic of agricultural exports of the Tyumen region and regional export support measures were revealed by Natalya Ogorodnikova, deputy director of the agricultural sector department of the region. German companies presented data on the main indicators of 2019 and the possibility of increasing the export of crop products.

The head of the Regional Export Support Center Andrei Kartashov spoke about the experience gained by the Tyumen enterprises in exporting flour and confectionery products to Germany in 2019. In particular, he drew attention to the free niches in this segment of the German market.

The members of the WTP WG showed great interest in the experience of promoting products on the electronic trading platform and a number of export positions of Tyumen exporters.

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