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Tyumen products were exported to hundreds of countries in 2019

Tyumen products were exported to hundreds of countries in 2019
6 April 2020
According to customs statistics, in the Tyumen region in 2019, there were 218 exporting enterprises, of which 148 were small and medium-sized enterprises. Tyumen products were supplied to 102 countries of the world.

The main export deliveries in 2019 were carried out to the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Finland, Estonia, the USA, and Kazakhstan.

Deliveries of products of Tyumen producers to Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Austria, Denmark, Algeria, and Indonesia increased. In 2019, product deliveries to Abkhazia, Andorra, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Congo, Algeria, and Croatia intensified.

Tyumen plywood is known in more than 80 countries. Tyumen aerosols have long been known in the countries of the Customs Union, and since 2019 they began to be purchased by Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam. The crawler equipment of the young Alpha Drive Tyumen company is known in Japan, Northern Europe, Canada, the USA, Spain, Kazakhstan, Poland, Andorra, and Greenland.

New economic conditions and difficulties associated with the spread of coronavirus will certainly make adjustments to the development of international cooperation. But the skills in working with export deliveries acquired by Tyumen entrepreneurs in practice, as well as the high quality of products will help Tyumen businesses regain their positions when the situation in the world market changes.

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