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Confectionary factory from Yalutorovsk delivers products to 38 regions of Russia and six countries

Confectionary factory from Yalutorovsk delivers products to 38 regions of Russia and six countries
22 December 2017
The new shop of theCourageconfectionary factory in Yalutorovsk was inspected by the governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev during his working trip to the municipality on Thursday, December 21.

The general director of the enterprise Sergey Starikov spoke about the implementation of this project, demonstrated the possibilities of production and shared further plans for its development.

The investment project for the production of confectionery products is implemented in the areas of the former Gorpische Combine. It involves an increase in the capacity of confectionery production. In the process of implementation, he received state support in the form of reimbursing part of the costs for paying interest on loan agreements and leasing contracts.

Sergei Starikov said that only one line can produce almost 100 million kilograms per month at full load. Today, different products of the factory are supplied to 38 regions of Russia, and the share of exports in total sales is 17%. It can also be found in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Germany, the USA and Mongolia. "This week on our website we received a request for a commercial offer from Israel and Canada. Our products are known far beyond the Tyumen region ", - he shared.

The enterprise constantly participates in major exhibitions in Moscow, from where it always returns with contracts. They allow expanding the geography of supplies and export.

In the plans for further development - installation of a line for the production of caramel, an increase in the production of wafers. Specialists study new products from the point of view of marketing and economics and adjust the development strategy of the enterprise every year.

At present, the confectionary factory "Courage" produces about 100 names of flour confectionery products, 100% of the company's employees are residents of the city of Yalutorovsk.

"Impressive indicators of production growth, range and development plans. This factory is a good example of export potential realization. Any enterprise that develops its own production must strive to export. Many immediately begin to look for factors that hinder this. But the bar must be set high and seek consumers not only outside the Tyumen region, but also in Russia. In "Courage" it works out well. 17% of exports - a serious share, there is growth and prospects. Who finds the opportunities and channels for selling their products outside the country - these are enterprises with a good future and a sustainable economy, "the governor shared his opinion.

The head of Yalutorovsk Vyacheslav Smelik, speaking of economic development, stressed that the city was always famous for its food industry. It is this direction that remains among the priority.

"One example and the factory "Courage ", in the plans to build a plant for the conservation of vegetable products. The city is at the intersection of two roads. This is a good and profitable logistics, "he said.

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