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Ekaterinburg pretends to hold EXPO in 2025

Ekaterinburg pretends to hold EXPO in 2025
20 December 2017
Russia officially became a contender for the holding of the universal exhibition EXPO 2025. Ekaterinburg was chosen as the candidate from the Russian Federation. If the Russian bid is won, the exhibition will be held from May 2 to November 2, 2025. Osaka, Paris and Baku will also fight for the right to host one of the largest international events.

The subject of the application from Ekaterinburg: "Transforming the world: innovations and a better life - for future generations".

The decision on which of the countries will receive EXPO 2025 will be taken by secret ballot at the 164th General Assembly of the International Bureau of Exhibitions in Paris in November 2018.

Under the order of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Organizing Committee for Support of the Yekaterinburg Promotion was established, headed by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, and the ANO "Bid Committee of EXPO 2025" headed by Svetlana Sagaidak.

Russia is a regular participant and prize-winner of world exhibitions, but in our country EXPO has never been held. The Russian application for participation in EXPO 2025 has an optimal combination of the highest level of public and state support, stability and security, historical, cultural, geographical and climatic factors.

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