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Days of Germany-2017 again in the Tyumen region!

Days of Germany-2017 again in the Tyumen region!
26 October 2017
From October 26 to November 3, 2017, the international cultural festival "Days of Germany in Tyumen" starts. The partners of the project are: the Embassy of Germany in Russia (Moscow), Goethe Institute in Moscow, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the resource center of the German language and culture of Tyumen State University, Tyumen organizations and volunteers.

For the first time, the international cultural project "Days of Germany in Tyumen" was held in the Tyumen region in 2013. In the current year 2017, for the fifth time, the Tyumen State University won the right to hold an international event popular among Tyumen citizens of all ages on a competitive basis.

Schoolchildren of different ages, students and residents of the city are waiting for a meeting with two performances in the German language of the Hamburg Puppet Theater Rumpelshtitschen and Casper and the Treasure Chest, classes at the faculties Nature, Man, Technique in the framework of the German Children's University "Goethe-Institute, creative tests of their forces in the" Workshop on the creation of comics "lecturer DAAD Robin Roth, as well as in the Laboratory of the poet Moritz Gause and much more.

The motto of the festival "With German to success!" Symbolizes the system of support and learning German in the Tyumen region in the framework of partnership programs among students.

Additional information is available from the organizers of the festival in Tyumen: Kushnir Kseniya to e-mail:, tel. 89088733899 and Svyajina Sophia by tel: 89199456954.

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