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The products of "Steklotech" are developing abroad

The products of "Steklotech" are developing abroad
26 June 2017
The products of a number of enterprises that use glass containers of the Tyumen plant go to far abroad. The plant "Steklotech" (Tyumen region) works with customers from Kazakhstan, which send finished products outside the country.

According to the general director of the plant, Elena Ostryagina, in the case of import, everyone is trying to make the best impression possible, so the bottles are given special attention: "This usually refers to an expensive segment where it is especially important how the bottle looks on the sales shelf. That there were no defects on the glass, the form was original and attracted attention. We know that our customers began to send such products to Turkey. This is a long-term relationship, there is a certainty that they will last, because as a glass container we will not give in to foreign producers. In addition, we are seriously working on the cost of the bottle. "

Now several types of new bottles are being mastered at "Glasstech". But the enterprise needs more raw materials. In a day the plant is able to use up to 100 tons of cullet. We have to take it even from Byelorussia, because local collectors do not cover even 10% of the required volume. There is much to develop, confident in the plant.

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