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Consul General of France, praised the innovative development of Tyumen

Consul General of France, praised the innovative development of Tyumen
3 March 2016
Residents of the Tyumen technopark represent modern developments in the field of oil and gas and environmental Consul General of France in Yekaterinburg Eric Millet.
According to them, the technology may be interested in French companies and become profitable directions of cooperation between France and the Tyumen region.
One of these developments - a unique intelligent control station for oil wells - presented the director of "INTES" Yuri Bogachuk.
According to him, Tyumen installation successfully works in Stavropol, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Serbia, and has proven efficacy - with the help of production from one well increased three to five times. The company also develops a unique downhole pump. Yuri Bogachuk noted that this technology may be interested in French.
Another innovation presented by "INIF" - is the core fields of research technology to study the properties of layers, from where it will go Exploration. It enables several times lower geological risks and improve the quality of oil.
Noticed Tyumen developers and the environment. On one of the technology areas of clean oil spills said Victor Ryadinsky. According to him, it is tested in different parts of the world and can be used for oil disasters.
Eric Millet praised Tyumen technology. "I'll tell them to representatives of French companies and the agency business. I think they may be interested, "- he said.

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