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Vladimir Yakushev: maximum support for each investment project

Vladimir Yakushev: maximum support for each investment project
18 August 2015
Tyumen region will use all available resources for economic development and attraction of the investment. The potential of the region is good, said the governor Vladimir Yakushev at a meeting of the Council on improving the investment climate, held with the leaders of some enterprises from the Urals and Siberia.
Presentation of the investment attractiveness for potential investors, he began with description of the economic growth in the region. In 2006 the gross regional product amounted to slightly above 410 billion rubles, in 2013 it reached the figure 855 billion rubles. The share of investment in fixed assets GRP is now 28 percent.
During seven years,the industrial output has doubled . Even in 2014, in the beginning of the economic difficulties in Russia,Tyumen region kept the index of industrial production at the level of 113 percent. And in January-June 2015 we also show an increase of 112 percent. "To the end of the year, we expect to reach the level of not less than 110 percent. At the same time, average data for Russia is lower " - said Vladimir Yakushev.
Investments in fixed capital in 2006-2014 in the region tripled. Now we are exerting maximum efforts in 2015 not to drop the rate, the governor said.
"Companies with a worldwide reputation works in the Tyumen region. Any from the potential investors may ask them about the comfort conditions in the territory. We tried to create maximum support for each project, in the short term we resolve issues with the land, connecting to networks, "- he added.
The region has provided financial incentives, a system of investment loans under 7%. Moreover, in 2014 the volume of investment loans under the same rate is increased.
Financial support is provided quickly and efficiently. One of the most popular - the first installment subsidies for leasing equipment. Compensation can be up to 50% of the cost of equipment without VAT.
The scheme of investment projects in the Tyumen region is as follows: Projects worth up to 300 million rubles, is engaged in investment Regional Agency. Regional department of investment policy and state support of entrepreneurship implement projects worth more than this amount, fully builds a roadmap of the project and involves in the coordination all government agencies and organizations.
Our region begin to prepare two areas for industrial parks. The next year, they will be fully connected to all the networks, roads rehabilitated. Then work will begin with each investor on a particular area. Airport Roshchino is in the final stage of reconstruction. When it will be completed, the number of passengers will increase.
Bridges are actively being built in Tyumen. Roads through the Trans-Siberian Railway, the River Tura are expanding. This is just the beginning, said Vladimir Yakushev, in the future we will implement in this direction several projects. Also, the number of hotels that meet international standards is increasing.
Today there is a lot of training personnel for new businesses. Educational programs are developed according to the wishes of investors and are written for specific projects. Many companies organize their training centers, train their staff, provide their competence to representatives of working professions and engineering staff.
After the presentation businessmen were able to ask questions to the head of the region and to negotiate.

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