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"Expert-Ural": Tyumen region - an unique dynamic region of Russia

"Expert-Ural": Tyumen region - an unique dynamic region of Russia
3 April 2015
12.9% increase we can see in the index of industrial production in 2014 in the Tyumen region. This is the best among the regions of the Urals Federal District. This by The research, conducted by the magazine "Expert-Ural", is evidenced about it (article "Statistical investigation of the obvious things").
Experts analyzed, that the net financial result of large and medium-sized enterprises in the Urals macro region doesn‘t detect unexpected dynamics. The same with investments: in 2014, investment in fixed assets ranged at the minimum level, which provides the current operation of the production, but didn’t promise development. According to "Expert-Ural", forecasts exclude breakthroughs in the future, and the only region in the Urals Federal District, which it doesnt apply is Tyumen region.
Analytical researches of the reaction of the local economy in the regions of the Urals Federal District on the collapse of the ruble shows, that crisis is not observed in terms of turnover / shipment of products with high concentrations. Tyumen region habitually heads above all, and it is not only more dynamic then neighbors, but also more stable: indicators in october-december 2014 are on the the same level, as in the average for the last year.

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