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Results of the visit of Tyumen delegation to Austria

Results of the visit of Tyumen delegation to Austria
8 December 2013
Official visit of Tyumen delegation to Vienna headed by Governor Vladimir Yakushev ended at one of the concern Wienerberger's enterprises, the world leader in building materials.
It's first company started work almost 200 years ago, in 1819, said a company spokesman. At present day, Wienerberger has 230 plants in 30 countries, including Russia.
Concern came to Russian market ten years ago. During this time, two of the investment is realized, in the Vladimir region and Tatarstan. Now, the company selects a new base in the East. Tyumen representatives prepare specific proposals for the establishment of the enterprise in Tyumen region.
On Thursday Tyumen delegation also held work meetings in Vienna City Hall with the mayor of Vienna, Michael Häupl (headed since 1994), and head of City Housing Council, Michael Ludwig (he is also an international expert in energy-efficient housing, referral for European countries). However, the topic of conversation has gone beyond the statement on energy and utilities. Partners detailed the issues of urban policy and the challenges faced by municipalities in the XXI century.
Austrians said that throughout the German-speaking lands Vienna is the city with the highest population growth. Viennese year becomes 15% more (25,000). 40% of residents use public transport, with the stop as close as possible to the social facilities, shopping centers, tourist attractions. Capital Master Plan is adopting by 10-15 years. At the moment there are at work another document. Since Vienna is both a municipality and the region, it is very limited land resources. Now it is building one of the new neighborhoods at the former military airfield.
For not to miss a piece of vacant land, there have been created a special fund. It has the authority to purchase land in the municipal property. Then formed land transfer for development master plan and design competition. Also is paid atention not only the architectural features, but also the economics of the project, environmental and social "sequence".
Viennese are also underlined that they don't build separate areas for migrants: "local and visitors always live together," Mayor emphasized.
The sincere interest of Tyumen, in major projects and various details, has been checked: the mayor of Vienna offered to increase contacts between specific specialists.
"Urban policies like a circus. Everyone can see the performance, but nobody sees sweat, rehearsals and training", mayor figuratively summarized.
Meeting and discussion was also attended by Russian Ambassador to Austria, Sergey Nechayev, Russian trade representative in Austria, Yuri Stetsenko, and head of the Tyumen administration, Alexander Moore.
Russian-Austrian relations booming developing fast, meaningful and very positive, Russian ambassador said on the results of the visit.
According to the diplomat, austrian colleagues are interested to work actively in Russia, including regions. He noted a serious attitude of the governor and his intention to implement concrete and practical initiatives for the benefit of Tyumen region and Russia. "Tyumens can always rely on support of our Russian representations in Vienna", diplomat said.
«The delegation of Tyumen region for the period of my work in Austria is coming for the third time», Russian trade representative Yury Stetcenko said. «And each time is very effective, I am amazed at the degree of preparedness and spot orientationof tyumen colleagues to specific projects".
Yury Stetsenko said, what are the features of "Tyumen approach". Company manufacturing bricks, in response to their presentation has got a very specific proposals and marked legislative preferences, platforms, and other benefits of investing in Tyumen. It was the same at other meetings.
Yury Stetsenko has no doubt that the projects of Tyumen region included in the presidential program of Russian modernization, are deserve attention and largely advanced. Later it can be multiplied and spreaded to other regions, the trade representative said. It concerns the health project, which is scheduled for interaction not only during the design and construction of the clinic, but also the subsequent management and training. Stetsenko expressed hope to sign the contracts and to the further development of cooperation.
Head of the region, Vladimir Yakushev assessed the results of the visit as productive.
"We had a clear understanding about our foreign colleagues. To each company we previously sent materials. We are quite aware of them and studied the interest of potential partners in Tyumen region. So, if we put forward the proposal, we should understand that there are a number of requirements that investor intends to bring to us. For example, to create a brick factory there are requires raw materials in our territory. First of all, we have examined the question and made a very specific proposal. During the meetings, our materials presented area for to organize production, characteristics on engineering networks and electricity, water , sewer. We designated gas analysis options, the discussion was specific and clear. We hope that after the trip there will be a serious project. We keep in touch during the year with some companies. This visit is symbolic. It speaks about our interest to investors. When a delegation headed by the Governor visits by an enterprise, it is a gesture of goodwill and committed relationship to the company and the future of project on our territory", the governor said.
Vladimir Yakushev added that at least in two projects, we'll get a serious movement and implementation. "One of them is associated with the production of building materials, and the other with a medical city. In addition to assisting in the preparation of design estimates and construction, there will be able to manage this project in future. It’s a completely different ideology. Today, we declare it very carefully. Medical facilities for the construction are expensive, but we can recoup their exploitation and get profit. The main task is competent project management. We are looking for a qualified company that can manage the medical city. Austria is one of the countries we negotiate with. I think we'll get our plans", the Governor concluded.

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