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Vladimir Yakushev: Visit to Germany brought concrete results

Vladimir Yakushev: Visit to Germany brought concrete results
12 November 2013
Working visit of the farmers of Tyumen region to Germany was an important step in the development of partnerships with German companies and organizations. This opinion was expressed by Tyumen Governor, Vladimir Yakushev, who assessing the results of the trip.
The Governor identified several key moments in program of visiting. He praised the experience and technology of training provided by the Center of preparation, skills development in agriculture, regional competence center EBG in Berlin. This educational institution prepares specialists in applications of agricultural enterprises. They pay for future employee training and participate in the formation of its training program, and also provide an experienced mentor to assist the student in practical classes.
«The most important advantage of this educational model is its practical orientation», Vladimir Yakushev expressed an opinion. «Most of the training takes place in a specific job with the technique, in laboratories, at the land, etc. There used an intellectual and material resources of educational center and the enterprise, which has applied for future employee».
The Governor indicated, that now it is time to reconsider the principles of training for agriculture also in Tyumen region. "Businesses should no longer complain about low graduates of vocational schools, they should be more actively involved in the learning process, in accordance with their needs", he said.
Vladimir Yakushev and the heads of the center discussed the possibility and prospects of creating a branch of Berlin educational center in Tyumen region. Vladimir Yakushev said that the experience of German experts in agronomic education will be useful in region.
During the visit, the Governor also held several meetings with representatives of business and official circles. At a meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture of Germany the Governor presented the investment potential of Tyumen region and made several proposals for the localization of production by German companies in the region.
Also there was organized a meeting with the support of the Federal Ministry of Economics. German businessmen are interested in proposals of Tyumen delegation. They carefully studied the state support of the region's financial and organizational.
During a business lunch with the Minister of Agriculture of Lower Saxony regional head handed appeal to the farmers of this federal land about the possibility of business in Tyumen region. It concerns the introduction into circulation of vacant agricultural land, livestock development. This experience is already available, as one of German businessmen engaged in animal husbandry in region.
The visit ended with the exhibition, named «Agritechnica». The governor has held talks with representatives of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, about the prospects for establishing assembly plants in Tyumen region.

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