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Review of work and results of the German business delegation visit in the Tyumen region, 24-28 March 2013

Review of work and results of the German business delegation visit in the Tyumen region, 24-28 March 2013
28 March 2013
March 28, 2013 visit of German business delegation to the Tyumen region ended.

Guests from Germany met with the regional center, visited the enterprises of Tyumen, Ishim, Zavodoukovsk, Yalutorovsk, Nizhnetavdinsky and Yarkovsky regions, took part in the forum "Prospects for development of alternative energy in the Tyumen region", which was held in Tyumen regional Duma on March 26, 2013

The Forum was attended by the heads of the legislative and executive branches of the Tyumen region, more than seventy business leaders of forestry and agricultural sectors of the Tyumen region, representatives of energy companies and the banking sector.
Reports of practical importance were presented by German entrepreneurs, implementing projects in Germany and Western Europe such as the processing of biological waste agriculture (poultry manure, manure, silage), and processing of forestry (wood chips, wood shavings) for heat and electric power.

Deputy Governor, Director of Investment Policy and State Support of Enterprising of Tyumen Region V. Shumkov assured the participants that the regional government will promote cooperation between enterprises in Germany and the Tyumen region in the field of bioenergy. V. Shumkov emphasized that will be a lot of work on ensuring Tyumen farms with special bio equipment. In this regard, the Government of the Tyumen region is considering the possibility of providing state support to enterprises that will be using the latest biotechnology to produce heat and electricity. Moreover, was stated the need to create on regional level legislative conditions for the introduction of alternative technologies in energy, as well as solving the problem of transferring surplus of the received energy to the overall energy system.

German businessmen after visiting Tyumen enterprises have learned: the Tyumen region has needs as well as the opportunities for widespread introduction of bioenergy technologies in the fields of agriculture and forestry.

Need to search for German partners that can provide Tyumen enterprises equipment, maximally adapted to Siberian conditions. Under the existing legislation in the field of energy and high energy rates in Russia, alternative energy sources – good solution for large enterprises, and (in the case of combining the joint efforts) for medium-sized business.

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