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Industrial production develops In the Tyumen region

Industrial production develops In the Tyumen region
23 July 2012
The index of industrial production in the region up to six months rose by 116%. Positive dynamics is largely due to the launch and development of new industrial enterprises. This was reported in the press service of the Regional Department of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship.

To date, several large-scale investment projects implemented in the region. These include the construction of a plant for the production of submersible cable by U.S. company Baker Hughes in Tyumen. Total investments for this project exceed 1.5 billion rubles. The company plans to run the plant in 2013.

German company "Schattdecor" started construction of a plant for the production of melamine and finish films for furniture on the Velizhansky trakt.

The construction of several objects are prepared:

German company «KNAUF Insulation» has taken a series of preparatory works on making a new production of thermal insulating materials. Investment in the project according to preliminary data will be up to 75 million euros. The production of industrial gases by French company "Air Liquid" expected to be placed near.
Also, the department noted that the German company "Dina Energetics" finishes the design of the plant for production of perforating charges and detonating cords. The new plant located near the village Buhtal in Nizhnetavdinsk region.

Lithuanian company "ARVI" confirmed that it plans to build a plant in our region for animal waste disposal. According to the company's administration, the project will cost 12-15 million euros. It is supposed to be placed in Ishim agricultural zone.

Note that during the last month the department meeted and visited more than 70 enterprises of the Tyumen region. At the meetings, are discussed the possible interaction and state support, worked out solutions to several problems. All the data are analyzed and used for subsequent adjustment of government support measures. Thus, the regional government in the preparation of decisions affecting the development of business and industry, has a clear and specific information about the state of affairs, which is extremely important.

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