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Visit of the Romanian delegation in the Tyumen region

28 June 2009
Jun 25, 2009 in Hall The Seasons Hotel Tyumen took place on the Russian-Romanian Business Forum. It was during a visit to the Russian Federation of Romanian business delegation headed by State Secretary of Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Trade and business environment of Romania Maria Pyrkelebesku and was organized by the Government of the Tyumen region, with the assistance of a non-profit partnership Mercury Club. The idea of a meeting between Tyumen and Romanian businessmen and hold a forum in November last year during a visit to Tyumen, Tyumen region, the Ambassador of Romania to Russia Constantine Gregory.
Welcoming remarks, opened the forum, Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region Oleg V. Zaruba. Turning to the Romanian businessmen, Deputy Governor expressed confidence that the forward to a mutually beneficial Forum suggestions and initiatives will open new horizons for business partnership, will help them participate more actively in the integration processes in Romania and other countries of the European Union. On behalf of the Government of the Tyumen region O. Zaruba has identified a number of opportunities to enhance cooperation in several areas, including:
- Promotion of small and medium enterprises in Russia and Romania to establish a mutually beneficial foreign economic relations;
- Joint ventures in several industries;
       - Promotion of Enterprises of Tyumen region in participating in tenders held in Romania, Romanian and public enterprises on tenders held in the Tyumen region, and much more.

Speech by Secretary of the Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Trade and business environment of Romania Maria Pyrkelebesku been devoted to the presentation of Russian businessmen economy. She described, in particular, on measures to overcome the crisis, the situation in the country with small and medium-sized businesses, calling the small and medium business the backbone of economy. Referring to the program stay in the Tyumen region delegation of business circles of Romania, she noted that one of the purposes of travel to Russia - to search for opportunities for expanding the supply of goods, as imports from Russia are five times more than the Romanian export to Russia.

Address by the President of the Union of Industrialists of Romania John Cesare Korycha Continuing the theme of intensifying contacts and Tyumen Romanian entrepreneurs. Chairman of the Union of Industrialists of Romania, in particular, invited the Tyumen business increasingly come to Romania, and not limited only to the country, and establish joint ventures in Romania and go to the markets of other countries of the European Union.

During the forum held bilateral business meetings and negotiations directly between the interested entrepreneurs.
Upon completion of the business forum delegation visited a number of Tyumen, divided into four groups on the branch principle: light industry, woodworking and furniture industry, engineering, construction and building materials.
As a result of the visit Ltd. Tyumenskaya sheepskin-fur factory and talks with the Director-General Igor V. Bratukhin, the Romanian side expressed its interest, not only in selling their products, but also in creating konfirmatsionnogo depot in the city of Tyumen, the purchase of the Romanian factories fur trim parts for the upper women's and men's apparel, as well as a wide assortment of ready fur.
For members of the Romanian furniture companies had organized the meeting with Director General of the MLC Red October Vladimir Vladimirovich Artanovskim and General Director of JSC Tyumen plywood mill Almiro Islamovnoy Karimov. Romanian furniture-acquainted with the production palette of the enterprise and shared contacts.
The representatives of construction companies of Romania with great interest visited construction sites CJSC partner, representatives of Engineering - Enterprise JSC Tyumen machine-builders.
In turn, the Romanian official delegation visited the City of Tyumen and the Tyumen Oblast Duma. At the meetings it was not only about the need to develop foreign economic relations, but also on measures of state support of small and medium business in the Tyumen region and in Romania, the interest of both parties in the development of tourism and sanatorium treatment for the exchange of creative music and dance groups and much more.

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