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Products of Tyumen businessman Vladimir Sokolov are popular abroad

Products of Tyumen businessman Vladimir Sokolov are popular abroad
11 January 2021

In a difficult time for the economy, small and medium-sized enterprises contribute to the export potential of the region. With the support of the government of the Tyumen region and within the framework of the international cooperation and export national project, they managed to increase the export volume up to USD 21.8 million this year.

Individual entrepreneur Vladimir Sokolov has been making jewelry since 2018, now he creates unique decor items and accessories from precious woods and epoxy resin.

By contacting the regional export support center at the end of July 2020, the entrepreneur received assistance in developing a commercial proposal, presentation materials in English. The center's specialists posted its offer on the electronic trading platform. And already at the beginning of August, foreign buyers began to conclude contracts with him.

Tyumen products are in demand in Japan, the USA, Germany, Austria and Sweden, South Korea, Australia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, Kuwait.

The employees of the export center are always ready to promote the products of fellow countrymen on eBay, GRT, Fordaq, Alibaba, which is especially important during a pandemic. A showcase of the Tyumen region was created, where 100 products from twenty enterprises in the region are presented. Today, the export support center has the opportunity to place another 500 commodity items.

This has already allowed the innovative fire extinguishers of the Orion company to enter new markets in Kazakhstan, and the clutch discs of Denit CJSC are supplied to Germany and Cuba. Thanks to the work on the marketplaces of the Tyumen Aerosols company in 2020, it was possible to increase the volume of exports by 40% and expand the geography of its presence to 35 countries.

In cooperation with the regional export support center in 2020, small and medium-sized enterprises managed to conclude 58 contracts, of which 42 contracts for more than 7 million US dollars were concluded by 11 Tyumen companies due to their entry into marketplaces.

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