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Trade turnover of Tyumen region with Kazakhstan increased in 2020

Trade turnover of Tyumen region with Kazakhstan increased in 2020
15 February 2021

According to customs statistics, foreign trade turnover between the Tyumen Region and the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2020 increased by $ 5 million and approached $ 70 million.

Despite the difficulties of 2020, the share of exports remained at the level of 2019 - more than $ 50 million.

One of the effective tools for promoting Tyumen goods to the Kazakhstan market is permanent expositions in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. The expositions of the products of Tyumen enterprises were opened within the framework of the national project "International cooperation and export" and are supervised by the regional Export Support Center.

We have two vectors of work. The first one - at the request of the Export Support Center for assistance in finding a partner for a specific company. So, we have found a partner for LLC "Enot" - a manufacturer of wooden products. The second is working with the requests of Kazakhstani companies. For example, an entrepreneur from Kazakhstan G.U. Yessenova was helped to build a business based exclusively on Tyumen goods, says Gani Zhirenov, head of the exposition of Tyumen goods in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the work of the expositions, 34 contracts were signed for the amount of more than 110 million rubles. Tyumen enterprises have established cooperation in the agro-industrial complex and construction, organized the supply of non-food products such as cosmetics.

We will strengthen the positions of regional enterprises in the Kazakhstan market. In 2021, we plan to work in existing directions and, together with the staff of the expositions, more actively seek partners for Tyumen enterprises in oilfield services and mechanical engineering, emphasized Saltanat Sibanbaeva, head of the Export Support Center of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund.

More details about the activities of the Export Support Center can be found on the official website - TECRUS.RU , in social networks - .

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