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The business incubator of the Tyumen Technopark has been replenished with unique projects

The business incubator of the Tyumen Technopark has been replenished with unique projects
5 August 2020
The results of the third Expert Council in 2020 were summed up in the Tyumen Technopark. Of the nine projects presented, seven successfully passed the defense and received the status of residents. Entrepreneurs and inventors presented developments in the field of medicine, new materials and structures, instrumentation and IT, including the use of neural network technologies and projects in the field of control based on digital twins.

The project proposed by the Impulse company (a joint project of the production studio Redot and the Zvukarnya project) has become one of the most memorable and, of course, the most unexpected. The end product of the company is 3D audiofilms, practically it is about creating a new kind of art. So far, the company has no competitors either in Russia or abroad.

Putting on headphones and listening to our 3D-series, a person is completely immersed in the atmosphere of the work and can feel himself in the place of a hero, says one of the creators of the project Artem Vasnev. - As you know, the same brain region is responsible for hearing and emotions. We decided to take advantage of this fact and found the shortest path to the feelings and fantasies of our audience. We give the listener an environment created by sounds, and his brain, with the help of imagination, completes the visual and tactile picture by itself .

The project team is already successfully cooperating with Liters, preparing to enter the English-speaking market, and looking for ways to develop their own mobile application. The first 3D series, created by the hands of Tyumen developers, is available at

According to the director of the West Siberian Innovation Center Olga Prostneva, the proposal deserves the closest attention: can be used in the field of rehabilitation and improving the quality of life of people with visual impairments. "

At first glance, the technology of extraction and processing of sapropel presented by Geospetsstroy looks less sensational, but it has no analogues and will allow the Tyumen manufacturer to enter the world market.

Thanks to innovative technology, in the development of which, along with the production workers, employees of the Botanical Institute named after I. VL Komarov of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the State Agrarian University of the Northern Trans-Urals, the enterprise managed to obtain a pasty sapropel. At the same time, throughout the entire production cycle, raw materials do not interact with the external environment, maximally preserving useful consumer properties. The new sapropel processing and packaging technology allows the product to be delivered year-round not only to industrial but also to end users.

The company began operations in 2019. Despite its youth, "Geospetsstroy" is already a leading enterprise engaged in the extraction and processing of sapropel in Russia - in the first year of operation, it extracted and processed more than 20 thousand tons of valuable organic matter. The company's products are supplied to the Stavropol and Krasnodar Territories, the Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Districts of the Tyumen Region. Tyumen sapropel is used in medicine, agriculture, as well as in the improvement of urban areas and land reclamation at fuel and energy facilities.

Our goal is to enter the global organic fertilizer market, the volume of which is about 6 billion US dollars. The products are competitive, certified according to domestic, European and Eurasian Economic Union standards. Now we are in the process of looking for investors, and we count on help from the Tyumen Technopark in this matter. The company needs to obtain additional financing for the development of the project, - comments, project manager Yuri Levanzin.

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