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West Siberian Innovation Center has summed up the work

West Siberian Innovation Center has summed up the work
30 January 2020
The results of work in the direction of supporting innovative entrepreneurship in 2019 were summed up by the West Siberian Innovation Center. During the year, seven expert councils were organized, forty-nine innovative projects were considered, 28 of them received the status of residents of the Tyumen Technopark business incubator.

Today, 75 companies are implementing 77 innovative projects in the West Siberian Innovation Center. The main areas of development: oil and gas production and service, exploration, construction, information technology, agribusiness, medicine and healthcare, instrument making.

The total revenue of residents of the Tyumen Technopark for 2019 amounted to 2.7 billion rubles, and tax deductions to budgets of different levels - over 500 million rubles.

Since 2010, a representative office of the Innovation Support Fund has been established on the basis of the technopark. It provides support in the preparation of tenders. This year, the Assistance Fund supported 29 regional innovation projects totaling more than 117 million rubles.

In May 2019, the West Siberian Innovation Center received the status of a regional operator of the Skolkovo Fund. Now you can use its services and specialist advice by contacting the Tyumen Technopark. In less than a year, with the support of the technopark, more than 20 projects have passed the examination, 15 of them received the status of a Skolkovo participant. This gives the right of access to the use of tax incentives, grant financing, certification, registration of intellectual property, mentoring, venture financing, services of collective use centers, participation in specialized exhibitions. Over this period, Tyumen startups managed to attract 7 million rubles in the form of grants from the Skolkovo Foundation.

Mutually beneficial cooperation of the region with the Skolkovo Foundation has provided additional opportunities for entrepreneurs of the Tyumen region in terms of access to knowledge, technology, know-how and competencies. This helps Tyumen innovators to promote their research, development and achieve commercialization of results. Such support for innovative companies significantly expands the growth opportunities of this sector of the Tyumen economy, stimulates the development of scientific and technical activities in the field of development and implementation of innovative competitive technologies, said Governor of the Tyumen Region Alexander Moor.

As for regional support measures, in 2019, 5 resident companies received subsidies and grants from the regional budget for a total of 22.49 million rubles. This money will go towards the creation of prototypes and R&D.

Recall that the total term for placing residents in a business incubator is 3 years, during which they provide a full range of business support services. In addition to the classic incubation preferential conditions for accommodation, companies can use advice on intellectual property issues, educational, legal and accounting services, participate in sales support programs, and develop export activities. Also, for such residents, meetings are organized with experts from venture funds and business angels.

Innovative companies of the business incubator have preferences in obtaining the services of the Regional Competence Center in the field of labor productivity, engineering and prototyping. In addition, they get the opportunity to quickly immerse themselves in the business environment - the technopark hosts the most significant regional events, professional forums and practical conferences.

The Tyumen technology park is considered one of the most efficient and fastest growing state-owned technology parks with the most comprehensive line of services available for innovative entrepreneurs. We not only provide residents with support at the regional level, but also help them to attract grant and subsidiary funds by implementing joint programs with federal partners, comments Olga Prostneva, director of the West Siberian Innovation Center.

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