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Business services in a "single window"

Business services in a "single window"
28 December 2017
To date, in the territory of the Tyumen region there are 30 branches of the State Automated Information System "Multifunctional Center for Providing State and Municipal Services in the Tyumen Region" (MFC), including 9 branches in the city of Tyumen.

In order to provide services to small and medium-sized businesses on the basis of the "one-stop shop" principle, on March 1, 2017, the Tyumen branch of the MTC "MFC" - the MFC for business, was opened in the Tyumen region.

Within the framework of concluded agreements to date, the multifunctional centers are provided with 197 services. Including 90 services for business. Most often, business entities apply for services such as:
  • service on cadastral registration of real estate and state registration of law;
  • issue of the town planning plan of the land plot, preparation, and issuance of building permits;
  • issuance of permits for putting objects into operation;
  • the provision of land.
What is the difference between MFC for business and other branches?

In addition to the fact that the MFC for business accepts documents for the provision of all services for both individuals and legal entities, there are specialists in the structure whose main direction in the work is the provision of services only for business entities, the servicing of legal entities is a priority in the work.

Also in the MFC for business a sector of specialists has been created, providing consultations both for beginners and for those who are already running their business.

You can get consultations on such issues as:
  • state registration of legal entities, individuals as individual entrepreneurs and peasant (farm) farms;
  • choice of organizational and legal form;
  • selection of codes of the all-Russian classifier of economic activities;
  • choice of the optimal taxation system;
  • state support provided to business entities;
  • licensing of certain types of business activities and other issues related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.
What has the MFC done for convenience to citizens who want to start their own business?

Simultaneously with the registration of your business, MFC provides an opportunity to open a current account in financial and credit organizations. While there is a registration of business in the tax authorities, the bank carries out its internal procedures for opening an account.

To date, the MFC for business has signed agreements on cooperation with six financial and credit organizations: PJSC Zapsibkombank, PJSC Sberbank, PJSC Bank FK Otkritie, PJSC CB Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Alfa-Bank , PJSC SKB-Bank.

Since March 2017, 291 people registered their business in the MFC for business, more than 780 people applied for consultations on opening and running business.

The most demanded were consultations on the state registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and heads of peasant farms, selection of codes of economic activity, the choice of an optimal taxation system.

Contact Information:

Address: Tyumen, st. 50 years of October, 57, cab. 207 (2nd floor)
Working hours: Mon-Sat from 08.00-20.00 without interruptions
Contacts of responsible specialists:
8 (3452) 39-92-89 (multichannel), ext. numbers 1559, 1560, 1561, 1562.

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