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Tyumen entrepreneurs adopted the experience of doing business in Munich

Tyumen entrepreneurs adopted the experience of doing business in Munich
23 September 2012
Last week from Munich came back entrepreneurs of the Tyumen region, which were trained in the educational activities of the Department of Investment Policy.
Almost a week they were adopting the experience in German companies. When choosing a place of internship was taken into account the direction shown in competition of business - project.
Munich – is a modern European metropolis, a city of opportunity, high culture and originality.
According to research conducted by the consulting firm Mercer, Munich is in seventh place in the world ranking of cities with the highest standard of living. Here are concentrated industry clusters of information technology and the automotive industry. It is no coincidence that Siemens, BMW, Microsoft in Germany chosen their head offices to be in this city.

Subject of presented projects was different: an organization of scientific and practical correctional center for children, the development of a logistics company, the creation and development of start-up - projects, production of concrete fences, development of projects for the construction of agricultural use and development of the Periodontology center.

As a place of internship for Tyumen businessmen were chosen enterprises such as the company «ORSAM» - German high-tech company in the lighting. Since 1978, is a member of Siemens AG. Today is one of the leading manufacturers of lighting products. To develop projects for the construction of agricultural use best approached the company «Herrmannsdorfer». At 30 km from Munich brought to life one of the most innovative projects in Europe in the field of ecological agriculture based by Shvaysfurt Karl Ludwig, the former head of sausage concern Herta. All started with the first organic pig farm in Germany, where the famous Swabian Gallic pigs were breeded, as a result, the project developed into a regional network of 70 organic farms. For the medical direction projects was selected corrective Children's Center of Munich. It is the first and most important center of such unique direction as social pediatrics in Germany. 250 employees take care of the complex treatment of children and teenagers with disorders of growth, development and physical limitations in accordance with their social environment.

We hope that this experience will be reflected in new ideas of Tyumen entrepreneurs.

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