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Almost a quarter of Tyumen regions GRP - the contribution of small and medium businesses

Almost a quarter of Tyumen regions GRP - the contribution of small and medium businesses
9 September 2012
Nearly one in four ruble in the Tyumen region was earned by medium and small business. This information announced at a meeting of the Presidium of the Regional Government Director of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship Vadim Shumkov.
"The share of products produced only in small and micro-enterprises in the total GRP in 2011 was 15.5%. The total turnover of small, micro and medium enterprises, as well as revenue received by individual entrepreneurs, in the past year was 48.3% of the domestic regional product. In 2006 this figure was 29.2%", - he said.
Over recent years, also increased the number of subjects in this important area of economic stability. Compared to 2005 the number has almost doubled. As of January 1 this year in the Tyumen region registered 69 thousand and 227 small and medium enterprises, most of them - are individual entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises. They are represented in all sectors of the economy. According to statistics, over the past six yearsincreased the share of small and medium-sized enterprises in industries engaged in transactions with real estate, transport and communication.
The effectiveness of the small business directly impacts and ensures the stable development of the economy, and in some municipalities is its basis.
Vadim Shumkov noted that creation of complex of conditions for small and medium businesses, including engineering and social infrastructureand stimulating municipal leaders to undertake projects of entrepreneurs, to increase their number - an important prerequisite for long-term and sustainable development of the territories. A very important issue is to stimulate demand for the products of small and medium enterprises, including through the state order.
At a meeting of the Tyumen government discussed issues of quality change and balance of the state support of entrepreneurship. Budget investment should stimulate the small and medium business, and not to put it in dependence on them and create paternalistic attitudes, convinced members of the Presidium of the Government of Tyumen.
Vadim Shumkov also cited an example where entrepreneurial activity was not stimulated by state support, but the usual execution of state and municipal functions to build roads. We are talking about the development of road infrastructure - new hotels that have appeared on the bypass road after its renovation and construction of interchange. "It already has four of the complex and the same amount of construction. Together they will provide about 200 jobs? invested hundreds of millions of rubles. All this was created in year and a half without a single ruble of state support", - he said.

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