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With state support, another tourist point appeared in the Tyumen region

With state support, another tourist point appeared in the Tyumen region
20 February 2021
Since October last year, a Healthy Recreation Center has been operating in the Yarkovsky District.

Individual entrepreneur Yuri Shcherbina decided to open a recreation center. He owned a plot of land in a picturesque area near Tyumen. Investments were needed to equip the territory and create comfortable conditions for vacationers. Yuri was advised to contact the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund.

The investment project included the reconstruction of an existing building and the construction of new houses, gazebos, cleaning a pond and arranging a beach with a pier. In addition, gasification, connection to power grids, the installation of utilities, the purchase of equipment for medical water procedures, work on equipping drinking water sources with treatment facilities, the device of communications for all buildings of the recreation center, Internet connection and much more were required.

The entrepreneur's initiative was supported by an investment loan from the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund.

We made a project, the Investment Agency told about the idea, and we got a government loan, says Yuri. - We have built residential houses, a cafe, a good sauna with a swimming pool, a bathhouse, a health resort with massage and pearl baths, a phyto barrel on the site. Now the pandemic has begun to decline, people have begun to take an interest in us, to come to rest. Already on New Year's holidays there was the first check-in - all the hotel rooms were occupied. We received the guests with all security measures. "

The entrepreneur stressed that work continues to create comfortable conditions for vacationers. Currently, the second stage of the investment project is being successfully implemented. The territory was not originally intended as a recreation center. Now we will make a normal entrance, a parking lot, a large pedestrian path around the pond, so that we can ski in winter, bicycles and scooters in summer .

The administration of the Yarkovsky district has allocated land to the entrepreneur for a farm for pheasants. We will treat our guests to the freshest pheasants from the chef, says Yuri. There is also a small reindeer farm in the plans.

Even at the planning stage, it was decided to move away from the format of a conventional recreation center with barbecue areas. We have a desire to create a healthy recreation center. Now it is both fashionable and necessary, - explained Yuri. - It is important for us that our guests can go in for sports on a good sports ground, hold competitions. Now we are completing the construction of the medical center. People will be able not only to relax, but also to heal. "

People come to the recreation center "Malina-bor" from Tyumen, from the nearest villages, from the northern cities of the Tyumen region. As the Deputy General Director, Head of the Investment Projects Support Department of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund Alexander Bobrov noted, since last year there has been a demand for recreational facilities. Today this business is in demand. At the same time, of course, you need to adapt to the market, be competitive and provide quality services. The investment agency, in turn, provides support to the business. We have relevant programs and successfully implemented projects. For example, the project for the construction in Tyumen of Russia's largest water park Leto-Leto was accompanied by the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region from the start of the project to its implementation, "said Alexander Bobrov.

Recall that the employees of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund and the My Business Center, within the framework of the implementation of the national project Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives, provide a whole range of services for entrepreneurs and persons wishing to engage in entrepreneurial activity: from consulting to issues of obtaining government support and training, ending with the solution of issues on connecting power grids and other resources for the implementation of a business idea.

Detailed information on the forms of state support for business on the sites, mybusiness-72.rf, by phone +7 (3452) 49-99-44, 534-000 (ext. 1093).

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