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The Tyumen enterprise produces unique shoes from deer kamus

The Tyumen enterprise produces unique shoes from deer kamus
2 July 2021
The Regional Engineering Center of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund supported the revival of the traditions of the legendary Voskhod shoe factory.

As part of the implementation of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives", the Regional Engineering Center provides comprehensive services for enterprises of the Tyumen region aimed at increasing technological readiness, competitiveness, and labor productivity.

Sibirskaya Obuv LLC, an enterprise organized by young Tyumen entrepreneurs on the basis of the former Voskhod shoe factory, with the support of the Regional Engineering Center, registers its own trademark.

At the enterprise, which produces winter fur shoes from leather and seal fur, they began to sew kitties from deer kamus. The uniqueness of such shoes lies in the structure of the pile. The tubular structure of the pile creates the effect of a thermos and retains heat even at -50 C, and with proper use, the shoes can last 10-15 years. The most extreme point of purchase of raw materials is from. Seyakha, which is located 3 km from the Ob Bay of the Kara Sea. Factory dressing of the hide is complemented by a special impregnation from moths, the threads are impregnated with wax to prevent wear. Shoes are sewn entirely by hand and can be made according to individual measurements.

Head of the Regional Engineering Center Lilia Zagvazdina said: Registration of a trademark will allow individualizing the goods and services of an entrepreneur, will become an intangible asset and, of course, will increase the value of the company. This service is provided on the condition of co-financing, in which 75% of the cost of the service is paid at the expense of the Regional Engineering Center within the framework of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives."

Lilia Zagvazdina also emphasized that a trademark can become an additional source of income for an enterprise, if an appropriate license agreement is concluded for its use.

We are reviving the legendary production of the Voskhod shoe factory. This path was not chosen by me in vain, since there was a time when I myself worked at this enterprise. Therefore, we are trying to preserve the best that was in production, adapt to modern conditions, and introduce new business tools, said Yuri Fedotov, director of Sibirskaya obuv LLC. - Our company employs experienced seamstresses and factory cutters. Already at the end of July, it will be possible to order our products on the WB, Ozone, Yandex market. A little later on Aliexpress and Ebay. Now our products are ordered in the USA, Germany, Austria. In 2020, about 830 steam units were sold and our capacities allow us to increase production volumes. Unfortunately, there are difficulties with the possible volume of supplied raw materials, since we value our reputation and product quality, and accordingly, we place high demands on raw materials. Our products can not only protect the health of their owner in cold weather, but also become a worthy gift or a unique souvenir. "

The entrepreneur noted that today the business is mostly seasonal and therefore is actively exploring the possibility of producing summer and demi-season shoes. We definitely plan to continue using the support of the specialized centers of the My Business center, stressed Yuri Fedotov.

Producers and loggers of the Tyumen region can get support from the Regional Engineering Center. The center provides financial support in matters of digitalization of production, development of modernization programs, technical and financial audit, marketing services, product certification, patenting, reduction and optimization of production costs and other services.

One of the tasks of the Regional Engineering Center is the commercialization of technologies and knowledge. Thus, within the framework of the national project, conditions are created that contribute to the technological and economic development of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in our region, Lilia Zagvazdina emphasized.

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