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Manufacturing company "Furniture Company" is increasing production
6 August 2021
Support for entrepreneurship
The production company "Furniture Company" is expanding the activities of the group of enterprises operating under the brand "Furniture Group" by increasing production volumes - it opens a new production workshop. The company is investing about 74 million rubles in new production facilities.
The Tyumen enterprise produces unique shoes from deer kamus
2 July 2021
Support for entrepreneurship
The Regional Engineering Center of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund supported the revival of the traditions of the legendary Voskhod shoe factory.
With state support, another tourist point appeared in the Tyumen region
20 February 2021
Support for entrepreneurship
Since October last year, a Healthy Recreation Center has been operating in the Yarkovsky District.
A new waste sorting plant was launched in Tobolsk
26 October 2020
Support for entrepreneurship
On the territory of the Tyumen Region, measures are being continued to improve the ecological state of the environment.
The business incubator of the Tyumen Technopark has been replenished with unique projects
5 August 2020
Support for entrepreneurship
The results of the third Expert Council in 2020 were summed up in the Tyumen Technopark. Of the nine projects presented, seven successfully passed the defense and received the status of residents.
The investment potential of the Tyumen region is presented at the House of German Economy
4 March 2020
Support for entrepreneurship
In Moscow, in the House of German Economy, a business breakfast Localization 2020 was held. The event was organized by the consulting company Schneider Group and the Government of the Tyumen region with the support of the Investment Agency of the Tyumen Region Fund and the Agency for Infrastructure Development of the Tyumen Region JSC.
Ivan tea "Made in Ishim"
5 February 2020
Support for entrepreneurship
Such markings are placed on packs of Ivan-tea in the production workshop of individual entrepreneur Elena Antonenko, located in the city of Ishim.
West Siberian Innovation Center has summed up the work
30 January 2020
Support for entrepreneurship
The results of work in the direction of supporting innovative entrepreneurship in 2019 were summed up by the West Siberian Innovation Center. During the year, seven expert councils were organized, forty-nine innovative projects were considered, 28 of them received the status of residents of the Tyumen Technopark business incubator.
Alexander Moor: introducing new mechanisms of state support for business in the region
12 September 2019
Support for entrepreneurship
The main goal of state business support is to create new jobs for residents of the region. This was stated by the Governor of the Tyumen region, Alexander Moor, opening the VII business forum "Knowledge Day for Entrepreneurs" on September 11.
Business services in a "single window"
28 December 2017
Support for entrepreneurship
To date, in the territory of the Tyumen region there are 30 branches of the State Automated Information System "Multifunctional Center for Providing State and Municipal Services in the Tyumen Region" (MFC), including 9 branches in the city of Tyumen.

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