Investments in the Tyumen region

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Vladimir Yakushev: the emergence of a powerful turkey production enterprise in the territory of two municipalities is a serious and significant investment project for the region
7 June 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
As part of a working trip to the Zavodoukovskiy city district, Governor Vladimir Yakushev visited several production sites. At the enterprise of JSC "Puragrouk", which was acquired by Absolut-Agro, its director Nikolai Kolokolnikov told about the implemented investment project in two municipalities of the region.
Import-substituting production in Zavodoukovsk: 120 more jobs created
7 June 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
Working trip to the Zavodoukovskiy city district the governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev started with a visit to the factory for the production of a bag for packing potatoes and vegetables LLC "SCM-100". The implementation of this investment project was carried out in two stages. Today the second stage has opened here.
The Tyumen region was included in the number of 8 regions - the permanent leaders of the ASI rating
5 June 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
The Tyumen region has confirmed its position as a leader region in the National Ranking of the Investment Climate of 2017. The results were traditionally presented at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, where a regional delegation headed by Governor Vladimir Yakushev is working on these days.
The "Road Show for investors" was held in the Tyumen region
23 May 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
In the period from May 18 to May 20, 2017, the event "Road Show for Investors" was held in the Tyumen Region.
In the Tyumen region successfully develops the production of medical products
22 May 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
60 new jobs will be created, thanks to the construction of the production building on the basis of LLC "MIM". Tyumen enterprise is one of the leaders in the medical industry in Russia for the production of single-use products.
Vladimir Yakushev: an objective assessment of the investment climate of the region is made by entrepreneurs
19 May 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
In Russia, a class of professional, experienced investors has formed, which have their own capital and want to move on. It is important that they are ready to invest in start-ups and are looking for promising projects. Some of these investors were able to come to the forum "All-Russia Fair of Investments" in Tyumen, told reporters on Thursday, May 18, Governor Vladimir Yakushev.
Poultry production in the Yurginsky district will become the largest beyond the Urals
15 May 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
As a result of the joint investment project of the Tyumen and Omsk companies in the territory of the Yurga district, the construction of a large poultry factory for growing turkey is being completed. Even in July, a commodity product will be obtained here, and in early 2018 the plant must reach full capacity. At present, the readiness of the production complex is about 70 percent.
In the Tyumen region in the near future will be launched 9 new investment projects
27 April 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
Improving the investment climate, attracting investment, and implementing investment projects are among the top priorities for preserving the region's economic growth.
In the Tyumen region, the economy is gaining momentum
19 April 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
The index of industrial production for March this year reached 105% compared to the same period last year. The February index of industrial production also exceeded last year's figure. Its value was 104.1%.
Potential for the sale of grain for export and its deep processing
5 April 2017
Investments in the Tyumen region
The south of the Tyumen region is a region that has the necessary geographical and resource potential for active development of the agro-industrial complex and food industry and is a major transport hub on the Trans-Siberian Railway, has developed transport links with autonomous regions, the European part of Russia and Eastern Siberia.

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