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The novelty of the Tyumen plant corresponds to the best world models

The novelty of the Tyumen plant corresponds to the best world models
19 November 2018
Rubber plaster, which has no analogues in Russia, is a new innovative product of the Biteks-Sibir plant (Zavodoukovsk).

- We set a high enough bar for ourselves. All products under the brand name FARBE must comply with the best international standards. At the same time, one of the main conditions is to be competitive with foreign peers in price, says plant founder Andrey Snisarenko. - Our next development under the code name rubber plaster corresponds to these parameters. We conducted testing in a specialized laboratory and field tests. The result met all our expectations. Therefore, the plaster has already been put into production.

Its main purpose is waterproofing the outer surface of the building and the ability to mask defects: cracks and joints.

When the idea of creating this type of plaster appeared, we first of all relied on the universality of its application. And our group of scientists, and then the plant's specialists, managed to make it so that the coating can be applied to all types of mineral and wooden surfaces, such as concrete, brick, plywood, cement, and others. It can be used on walls with joints and seams having multiple joints. Another effect that has been achieved is the protection of the tree from moisture and fungal manifestations. We are not going to stop developing this product, a new interesting product is coming, - says Andrey Snisarenko.

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