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Industrial Park "Borovsky" is fully equipped

Industrial Park "Borovsky" is fully equipped
2 November 2018
On the territory of the industrial park "Borovsky" now there are 12 residents. This was reported in the Agency for Infrastructure Development of the Tyumen region.

According to the conclusion of the expert council, the last, the twelfth resident, who received the right to work at the park site, became the company Yugson Service, which planned the construction of a plant for the assembly of packer-anchor equipment and the production of wooden packaging. More than 30 million rubles will be invested in the development of production.

The project includes the construction of a production workshop with an area of 1200 m2, storage facilities, a garage and an administrative building. Produced products have a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry. Due to the effective use of modern technologies, as well as industrial and warehouse space, the company will provide competitive prices for the equipment produced.

The plant management notes that the choice of site for the construction of the plant is not accidental. On the territory of the industrial park Borovsky, all conditions have been created for the comfortable development of production capacities, there is the necessary infrastructure - electricity, water supply, sewage, gas. Due to this, the construction period will be significantly reduced. It is expected that the plant will reach its design capacity in the third year of the investment project development. In addition, it provides for the gradual creation of new jobs. Within three years, the number of employees at the enterprise will increase to 30 specialists.

The development of industry remains one of the important directions in the work of the regional government and we are ready to provide the necessary assistance. Industrial parks are an effective tool for attracting investment and further industrial growth. Here the necessary infrastructure and comfortable conditions for small enterprises are created. As they say, you come, you get land, you build a factory and you work, said Governor Alexander Moore.

Industrial Park "Borovsky" was opened on August 18, 2016. In two years, food enterprises and processing industries of small and medium businesses with a total investment component of almost one billion rubles appeared on 28 hectares.

The first residents of the park were Yagody Plus, SibBurMash, Tyumen Pribor and NG-groups. Later the companies "Landis", "Growth Mushroom", "EnergoTechService", "Provence Group", "OKach", "Magic of Taste", "Siberia-TransEHEN" and, finally, "Yugson Service" joined the company.

For us, this is an expected and, nevertheless, joyful event. The park was equipped in a very short time. Today, two production facilities are already in operation; we will launch two more at the end of this - the beginning of next year. Most residents are at different stages of construction, but it is already clear that the project has taken place and will work for the benefit of the region. Now all efforts will be focused on filling the remaining sites with residents as soon as possible, comments Olga Romanets, General Director of the Tyumen Region Infrastructure Development Agency.

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