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Pig breeding complex Tyumenskiy is one of the largest in Russia

Pig breeding complex Tyumenskiy is one of the largest in Russia
21 September 2018

The largest according to the existing standards pig-breeding complex "Tyumenskiy" was officially opened in the autumn of last year in Saratovo village of the Nizhnetavdinskiy district.

It was built in accordance with the agreement of construction signed in 2013 between Vladimir Yakushev, the Governor of the Tyumen region, Koba Gumberidze, the General Director of the "Pig-breeding complex "Tyumenskiy" OOO, and Andrey Tyutyushev, the General Director of "Sibirskaya Agrarnaya Gruppa" AO. The first stage of construction started in 2016, and by the end of September 2017 the entire building was done.

The pig-breeding complex consists of six units, five of which are interconnected via a walkway, with the sixth one being the artificial insemination station. The complex occupies 15 hectares and has a modular boiler system, an incinerator designed for waste disposal, a multi-stage water treatment plant and other facilities.

The complex is hiring local workers, and overall more than 200 jobs were created on the slaughterhouse and the compound feed mill.

The Tyumen region's government provided organizational support to this significant investment project.

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