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Million big-bags per year: the plant "Polipack" is preparing for the opening

Million big-bags per year: the plant "Polipack" is preparing for the opening
15 September 2017
In Isetsk, the only plant in the region producing polypropylene packaging Polypak is getting ready for launch: the big bags in demand around the world, soft containers of various shapes and configurations with a capacity of up to two tons.

According to the general director of the enterprise Alexei Lisovichenko, the plant is unique due to the specifics of production (nevertheless, it is pure-import-substitution). The geography of sales can be indicated not only by the framework of the Tyumen region. Among the companies that have already applied for the purchase of Polypak products, companies aimed at foreign economic activity with India, China, with the countries of the customs union - Kazakhstan, Belarus and others.

The "Polipak" plant gives new opportunities to local agricultural producers - in the Tyumen region, the production of feed concentrates, additives, and forage is growing at a fast pace, the producers of which are aimed at selling products. Soft containers of large capacity - a rescue for many industries that produce bulk substances, and still use the heavy packaging that needs to be returned.

The plant is equipped with the equipment of Starlinger, the world leader in the development of weaving equipment for the production of plastic woven packaging. The sewing shop of the plant "Polipack" is equipped with famous sewing machines "Union special".

In the implementation of the project, the main investor of which is OOO Neo-Com, more than 325 million rubles have been invested. 50 million was the target loan of the Fund "Investment Agency of the Tyumen region." The modern complex was built in two years, it is located on an area of 5 thousand 500 square meters. The plant will work on local raw materials supplied by Sibur, mainly from the Tobolsk-Polymer plant.

Planned production volumes - at least 1 million pieces of products per year.

The plant will create more than 100 jobs.

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