Investments in the Tyumen region

Logistics is one of the points of growth in the regional economy

Logistics is one of the points of growth in the regional economy
12 July 2017
Today, July 12, in Tyumen, the first shipment of goods will begin a new logistics complex. The company "Katren" is implementing a large-scale investment program to modernize its logistics system, conducting re-equipment of warehouses and redistribution of routes. The new automated warehouse complex will serve two regions - Tyumen and neighboring Omsk region - with a population of more than 5.5 million people.

"Logistics is one of the serious points of growth in the regional economy. Since the Tyumen region takes advantageous geographical and transport location. From us you can move to the north, west and east. In addition, there is Kazakhstan nearby. Several large investment projects have already been implemented in the region, "said Governor Vladimir Yakushev.

The Government of the Tyumen region is systematically working to create a network of logistics complexes in the region. In 2015, the logistics complex of the "Magnit" trading network with an area of 50,000 sq. M. M. With a volume of investments of about 2 billion rubles. The logistics center of the retail network X5 Retail Group with an area of 30,000 square meters on the DSC-500 site is also being prepared for opening, and the volume of investments is about 1.3 billion rubles.

"The total potential of the region is about 250-300 thousand square meters. M of the total area of such projects, - says Deputy Governor Vadim Shumkov. - While the priority territory for their implementation is the "DSK-500" site. It is unique in terms of location, infrastructure, availability. There, we plan to get together up to 2,000 additional jobs, and, in addition to major new logistics centers, to launch related service projects - hostels, catering and small production in connection with logistics,

In order to accommodate the logistic complex of JSC NPK Katren in 2015, it acquired a premise that was equipped in accordance with modern standards. The volume of investments amounted to more than 500 million rubles. 120 working places have been created here.

The Tyumen logistics complex is equipped with a modern warehouse system that uses radio terminals at each stage of the goods passage and conveyors, allowing a 2-2.5 time increase in the speed of formation and shipment of orders. The total area of the complex is 6,300 m² and includes a warehouse, storage areas with a special temperature regime, a reception area and office premises. The complex serves applications of pharmacy institutions, as well as orders made by users of the service.

"The large-scale investment program to modernize the logistics system that Katren has been implementing over the past few years contributes to improving the operational efficiency of all processes, which in turn gives the company greater resistance to market fluctuations," said Yuri Bauer, director of the Tyumen branch of Katren. - The Tyumen warehouse corresponds to the world standards of GDP and is equipped with the use of modern warehouse technologies, due to which the delivery of orders even to the most remote areas of the Tyumen and Omsk regions will be carried out within two days. A wide range of more than 15 thousand items contributes to the growth of turnover and cost reduction, which is an important competitive advantage and one of the strategic goals of our company. "

For reference:

JSC NPK Katren is a national company, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia. In 2016, the total area of warehouse complexes of the company was 116 thousand square meters. Meters, the volume of trade - 205.6 billion rubles, the share in the market of direct supplies of medicines - 18.1%.

Now JSC NPK Katren interacts with 705 suppliers, is represented by 21 branches throughout Russia and supplies to more than 48 thousand pharmacy institutions and points.

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