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Poultry production in the Yurginsky district will become the largest beyond the Urals

Poultry production in the Yurginsky district will become the largest beyond the Urals
15 May 2017
As a result of the joint investment project of the Tyumen and Omsk companies in the territory of the Yurga district, the construction of a large poultry factory for growing turkey is being completed. Even in July, a commodity product will be obtained here, and in early 2018 the plant must reach full capacity. At present, the readiness of the production complex is about 70 percent.

The enterprise is developing rapidly. In early 2016, the management of the Omsk Ruscom and the Tyumen Absolute established the company Absolut-Agro LLC, aimed at growing and processing turkeys in the Tyumen region. The construction of a poultry farm is a priority for investment projects, so the regional and district authorities contributed in every way to its development: without a tender, a plot of land for construction with an area of 294 hectares was granted, assistance was provided for the issuance of technical specifications of the facility, 50 percent of the cost of the acquired equipment is subsidized. As a result, the design work was completed fairly quickly, and at the end of July last year, the builders went to a large-scale site.

The organization of the newest production for growing quality and useful meat for the population cost investors more than 2 billion rubles. The lion's share is 80 percent - credit.

"The loan portfolio is large, so last year we sent an application for compensation of the refinancing interest rate to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. But, unfortunately, for loans taken by domestic poultry farmers in 2016, it did not select and did not make a specific decision, - says the director of Absolut-Agro Vitaly Ehrlich, - the investment loan and is taken for 8 years, the volume of interest is great - We will have to pay almost 900 million rubles for them. Repeatedly appealed to the Ministry of Agriculture with a request to speed up the process of payment of compensation, a request for this is sent from the government of the Tyumen region, but the answers we receive are not acceptable. "

It should be noted that 1/3 of the refinancing rate is ready to subsidize regional authorities, but this state support is consolidated, so the region will be able to provide the enterprise with funds only after they have been paid by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Today the administration of the enterprise actively forms a labor collective, the main part of which consists of the residents of the village of Yurginsky and the district. It is more difficult to find narrow specialists, so experienced technologists and veterinarians working at the first site were invited from the nearby areas of the region and Omsk. At the new production, 103 people already work. When the enterprise reaches its designed capacity, more than 200 jobs will be organized. The average salary exceeds 20 thousand rubles.

Recruitment of new employees will be carried out as other sites are put into operation, while the personnel portfolio is being formed. Under an agreement with representatives of the authorities of the Yurginsky district and the employment service, in May, on the basis of the local branch of the Zavodoukovsky Agro-Industrial College, the training of employees required by the enterprise will begin. A meeting will be organized with alumni of the State Agrarian University of the Northern Trans-Urals. Invited specialists will be provided with comfortable accommodation.

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