Investments in the Tyumen region

In the Tyumen region, the opening of a fish processing plant

In the Tyumen region, the opening of a fish processing plant
4 March 2016
In the Tyumen region launched a new high-tech industry - fish processing plant in the village. Youth of the Tyumen region. March 4, 2016 it was officially opened by the chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh Governor Vladimir Yakushev.

"The appearance of such plants - large-scale event, particularly meaningful for the country in economically difficult times. We need to increase the independence of its production, produce quality products, providing their own needs and conquering foreign markets ", - said the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament.

He stressed that the construction of a new large factory shows the great industrial potential of the Tyumen region, about favorable conditions for business development, investment attraction, the readiness to create new jobs.

The presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh stressed that cooperation between business and government in the Tyumen region - a vivid example of effective work in import substitution. The new production - a source of tax revenue for the region and a new market for the existing enterprises in the Urals for fish farming. "By building these facilities, we solve the problem of the state of food security of the country", - said Igor Kholmanskikh.

Governor Vladimir Yakushev congratulated all compatriots with the discovery of yet another powerful plant with Russian investments in the Tyumen region. He noted that this production - only the first stage of a complex of three fish conceived, planned to implement until 2020.

The implementation of this phase of the investment project was carried out for three years. It invested more than 800 million rubles, 240 million of them are compensated from the regional budget - the state has returned part of the money spent on the purchase of equipment and construction of engineering infrastructure, as well as part of the interest paid on loans.

Capacity of the new plant - about 3 thousand tons of fish per year. The project is located on a plot of about 5 hectares, it includes the main production building, a warehouse of raw materials and finished products, administrative building and other buildings. The production building is equipped with modern equipment that allows to produce high quality fish products to 250 items.

The investor - the president of the Association of industrial and commercial enterprises of the Tyumen region "Ocelot" Ruslan Tsitskiev spoke about future plans: "After four years in this area there will be two more complex - the company growing and fish farming ponds. The whole complex will be called "Fish industrial park."

Recall that in October 2013 in the district of the Tyumen region Sladkovsky the same investor has opened proceedings on tilapia - having excellent taste unpretentious fish. The total fund of the lake area, assigned to this economy, is 17 thousand hectares. "Today, we get very good results for incubation of fish content of broodstock. We want to use this experience and on a new site in the Tyumen region ", - said Ruslan Tsitskiev.

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