Investments in the Tyumen region

Tyumen second Investment Forum "Investments. Industrialization. Regions "will be held in March 2015

Tyumen second Investment Forum "Investments. Industrialization. Regions "will be held in March 2015
30 July 2014
Tyumen Region Government starts preparing for the second Investment Forum which will be held in the city of Tyumen in March 2015.

Recall that the first investment forum "Investment and Industrialization" held in Tyumen, in the West Siberian Innovation Center January 29, 2014. It was attended by Chairman of the State Duma, Sergey Naryshkin. Among the participants were representatives of federal and regional authorities, the business community and science not only from Russia, but the United States, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Singapore, the Republic of Belarus, UK. The forum was attended by 17 speakers who presented papers on various aspects of the business, to propose specific sequence of actions towards improving the investment climate.

Planned activities in the Tyumen Investment Forum 2015:
  • Plenary Session;
  • Presentation of investment projects of municipalities of the Tyumen region, the exhibition;
  • Thematic sections / round tables;
  • Two-, trilateral working meetings, exchange of contacts;
  • Press conference with the participation of regional and national media;
  • Tour of the new production sites;
  • To participate in the Forum will be attended by representatives of the federal government, business delegations from different countries, border areas, top managers of large and medium-sized Russian and international companies, representatives of development institutions, diplomatic missions, NGOs, investment funds and credit institutions, scientific educational community, experts in global and Russian scale media.

Thematic focus of the Forum:

1. Interaction of federal and regional authorities in the promotion and development of investment policy:
  • legislative initiatives aimed at improving the investment climate and economic development
  • tax and regulatory policy
  • implementation powers of the subjects of the Russian Federation at the Investor
  • promotion of subjects of the Russian Federation at the international level
2. Regional industrial and infrastructural development:
Context conditions (macroeconomics, the new draft Federal Law "On industrial policy," the consideration of which the State Duma is scheduled for 2014, etc.)
The most important ongoing and planned investment projects Tyumen region: effect on the growth of the regional economy, resource security, key constraints.
The best Russian and international practice: effective mechanisms and tools to improve the business environment and attract investment in the regions.
Tyumen Region Government is considering holding Tyumen Investment Forum as part of the overall system work with producers and investors operating in the region, as an opportunity to outline the priorities of economic and industrial policy; identify mechanisms to improve the investment climate and attract investment.

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