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The Tyumen region shows us a steady growth in innovation in 2017

The Tyumen region shows us a steady growth in innovation in 2017
25 July 2018

In 2017, the official statistical indicators of the Tyumen region were improved. In the region, the output of innovative products has increased; the share of workers in high-tech economic activities has increased too. In the total number of enterprise employees, the output of high-tech products has increased, and the innovative activity of organizations has increased (the share of organizations that carried out technological, organizational and marketing innovations).

Based on the data of Rosstat, the rating agency of the media group INA Russia Today compiled the Index of scientific and technological development of the regions of the Russian Federation. As initial data, such indicators as the availability and characteristics of the material base, human resources, as well as the effectiveness and scale of scientific and technological activities were used.

The Tyumen region was noted by experts as the region that showed the best dynamics, having improved its positions in the rating of 2017 (according to the results of 2016), having increased by 9 places in comparison with the previous year - from 21st to 12th place.

According to the results of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIDR) at the Gaidar forum, the Tyumen region showed the best growth rates in the rating of innovation activity in the regions in 2017, ranking 14 among the regions of the Russian Federation (+12 places compared to the previous year).

The rating took into account a number of indicators, including research and development, innovation and activity, as well as socio-economic conditions for the introduction of new technologies.

The volume of shipped innovative goods, works performed and services rendered by organizations that implemented technological innovations in 2016 amounted to 159.05 billion rubles. (2015 - 32.2 billion rubles). At the end of 2017 - 186.9 billion rubles.

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