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Development of peat branch in the Tyumen region

14 June 2009
Russia possesses the world's largest stocks of peat. It makes up the 47 % from all world's reserves of peat raw materials. At the same time on manufacture and consumption of fuel peat Russia takes the third place only after Finland and Ireland. The Tyumen region possesses the largest stocks of peat within the Russian Federation (495 deposits). The industrial stocks are estimated in 37 billion cubic meters. Now in region there is a search of perspective directions of lifting of peat branch which is connected with its transfer from peat extraction to peat processing.

The basic kinds of peat processing productions:
- Building and heat-insulating materials: heat - and sound-proof peat plates; a thermal protection for pipelines and other engineering communications; wall panels for housing construction with a filler on the basis of peat;
- Medicine and balneology. Antiseptic and medical properties of some peat are known for a long time because of the maintenance in it of various physiologically active substances. Preparations from peat can be used for treatment of a cancer and skin diseases;
- A nature protection direction. Presence of active functional groups is a basis for reception of the whole group of production of nature protection appointment, demand on which constantly extends. Given production is applied in systems of additional cleaning of waste and storm waters from the mineral oil, the weighed substances, ions of iron and other heavy metals. They are used in local treatment facilities, hydraulic engineering constructions, for localisation of emergency floods of mineral oil on a water table and on soil, for prevention of pollution of beaches and coastal lines, at recycling of an organic waste;
- Fertilizer checked up by time, and technologies of 21 centuries provide high economic return of agriculture: increase of crops and maintenance of its high qualitative characteristics; decrease in costs of agricultural and economic manufacture; restoration of soil fertility; maintenance of ecological safety;
- Fuel, the low cost price of manufacture, ecological cleanliness of combustion (a small share of sulphur), full burning (the small rest of ashes), the appeared new technologies of burning do peat by a perspective local source of the received thermal and electric energy. Thus - cheaper, than at use of coal and liquid fuel and more non-polluting.
Extraction and peat processing in the world is highly profitable and perspective business. Profitability of manufacture fluctuates on the average from 30 till 40 % annual (without cost of delivery of production to the consumer). Peat is also an export subject. The world requirement for peat has accurately expressed tendency to steady growth. The most «capacious» consumers of peat are Japan, the USA, the countries of Europe and the Near East, and also other countries in which works on increase of fertility of soils, prevention of erosion of the earths, realisation of ecological programs are developed.
It is necessary to note: stocks of natural gas and oil are limited, so the problem of involving in economic circulation of power resources, and in particular peat as accessible, cheap and non-polluting kind of fuel, becomes very actual for optimisation of fuel balance of region and the country as a whole. Besides, for region rather important and that the increase in use of local kinds of fuel provides creation of new workplaces, raises social level of the population, provides growth of taxable base, the money resources directed on purchase of fuel, remain in region.

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