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A new symbol for a developing area

A new symbol for a developing area
22 July 2021
A new public and business space for recreation and sports will appear in the north-eastern part of Tyumen. The industrial-style park will be located on an area of almost 3 hectares. The Tyumen plant "Svezy" will invest over 1 million rubles in the design of the park and will provide plywood for the construction of multifunctional skate park facilities.

The construction of the park was initiated by the Agency for Infrastructure Development of the Tyumen Region and received the support of the Sveza company and a number of other representatives of large business. Preparations for the construction began with a public opinion survey.

After preparatory work, together with the Administration of the Lenin Administrative District, the project of the park and its functional content were approved. According to the plan, there will be walking areas, exercise equipment, art objects and a skate park made of high-quality Sveza plywood on the territory.

By investing in the construction of the park, we want to give the city an example of a space that develops people, business, the district and the city as a whole. Our goal is to create a platform where it will be convenient and comfortable to spend time, which will fully meet the needs of local residents, notes Nikolai Gorodetsky, director of the Sveza branch in Tyumen.

An industrial-style park will be located on the territory of DSK-500. Its distinctive feature will be the use of environmentally friendly materials in design elements and infrastructure facilities. The area of the space will be 2.8 hectares and will combine two main zones: business and social. More than 25 thousand people live in the construction area of the park. In the future, the territory will become a center of attraction and social activity, where every visitor will find opportunities for recreation, work, creativity and sports.

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