A new launch complex of the third stage of Antipinsky Refinery opened in the Tyumen region

A new launch complex of the third stage of Antipinsky Refinery opened in the Tyumen region
9 December 2015
Another major investment project is implemented in the Tyumen region . Tuesday, December 8, a complex of diesel hydrotreater (second start-up complex of the third phase of construction) at Antipinsky refinery put into operation.
The new facility will allow the company to produce diesel fuel of higher quality standards "Euro 5". For this purpose new plant for production of hydrogen gas purification and production of granulated elemental sulfur was built.
"Despite the challenging external factors, the company retains a tendency to dynamic development. We launch high-tech production for the second oil refining, using a chemical process. Thus, the capacity is 9 million tons. This puts Antipinsky refinery on par with most of the major oil refineries of the country "- said Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmitry Mazurov during the launching ceremony of the complex.
He shared his plans for the near future: in 2016 the company plans to launch a complex of deep processing. Due to this production get rid of intermediate - fuel oil, and to reach the highest refining depth in the industry - up to 97%. "We will achieve relative independence of the company from fluctuations in oil prices. A yield of diesel fuel will rise to 50% of the total processing "- said Mazurov.
The transition to production of gasoline "Euro-5" with an octane rating of 92, 95 points will be implemented at the 4th stage of the third production line. Its implementation is tentatively scheduled for the end of 2016 - beginning of 2017. "For residents of the Tyumen region the price per liter of petrol will be less than price in the central part of the country", - said Dmitry Mazurov.
Governor Vladimir Yakushev noted that the project implementation Antipinsky refinery - one of the main in the Tyumen region. A large amount of money were invested, thousands of new jobs were created. The plant solves the problems, posed by the President - import substitution, the transition to standards "Euro 5" deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials.
The head of the region thanked all the shareholders of the plant for the faith in this project. "I hope, the big productions will be opened throughout 2016, and, therefore, there will be new jobs and develop the region's economy, growth of the welfare of residents."
Antipinsky refinery is an unique enterprise. This is a private industrial refinery built from scratch. It began to build in 2005. For 11 years, more than $ 2.7 billion dollars were invested. Investments in the third phase of the project amounted to 72 billion 155 million rubles. Only in 2015, the factory created 390 jobs, the majority of workers - residents of the Tyumen region. The project has state support: in the form of tax breaks on property of the organization in accordance with the regional law "On concessional taxation."

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