The presentation of investment potential Yalutorovsk

The presentation of investment potential Yalutorovsk
24 April 2014
Yesterday for the first time in Tyumen the presentation of investment potential Yalutorovsk roundtable "Invest in Yalutorovsk." Organized by the Government of the Tyumen region in the face of Investment Policy and State Support of Entrepreneurship and Investment Agency of the Tyumen region . The event gathered more than 30 representatives of business , not only of the Tyumen region , but other regions of Russia.

Deputy head Sergei g.Yalutorovska Strel'nikov presented opportunities for the implementation of investment projects in the city , and the heads of major enterprises of JSC " KSM" and Yalutorovski Bread Products Plant Ltd. " Yunigreyn " spoke about the success of their projects already implemented .
The greatest interest among the business caused by the project construction of the hotel , the need for which the city is obvious. Heads of several companies expressed willingness to redeem room for a long period for its employees working in shifts.

Special feeling for doing business in Yalutorovsk said plant manager LLC " Yunigreyn " Olga Dubkov that has experience implementing major projects in various regions of the country . The company is considering the establishment of new industries in Yalutorovsk.

On the implementation of investment projects in Yalutorovsk You can contact the Department of investment policy by phone (3452) 296-506 , 296-498 , 297-341 , and the Deputy Mayor Sergei Yalutorovsk Strelnikov ( 34535 ) 322-28, During the year you plan to hold similar events in other area municipalities in order to attract investors to the economic development of territories.

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