The governor accented the region's interest in creating new businesses

The governor accented the region's interest in creating new businesses
4 July 2013
The governor of Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev noted that dialogue with the investor will not work without tax breaks. He said this on meeting of regional parliament, at June 27. The meeting adopted another one regional law establishing preferences to investors.
«Tax breaks, which are covered by federal law, presents in every region of Russian Federation. Today, there is stiff competition for investors. Somewhere we lose this duel, and most are winning. Administrative and information support of investment projects carried out in Tyumen region systemically. We help to solve many problems with allocation of land, interaction with resource organizations, and so on. But without a set of tax benefits in the territory it will be difficult to interest and keep the investor, and so we will not compete», – the governor noted.
The Head of region gave the example of the first major projects - Ochakovo and Schlumberger factories. It also used the tax benefits that are offered by the region, so today this companies are already working at full capacity, and are full-fledged taxpayers.
Vladimir Yakushev outlined again the interest of the region in the creation of new enterprises at Tyumen area, as well as the need to compensate for the loss of income from the tax on mineral resources for the regional budget.
"Budget revenue gives manufactures that appear on our region. The property tax is more stable, it is our tax base.
The more our territory will be established property funds, the more stable the region will develop", - Vladimir Yakushev said.
The Governor pointed the fact that all citizens participate at the formation of investment policy.
"Together we are creating an investment climate. Our attitude to people coming into region, culture of behavior, law-abiding of citizens, the level of crime situation, and so on — there are all components of investment climate. Only in combination of factors we can create a favorable investment climate. And this is the fundamental direction we should work together in", - the Governor concluded.

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