Decorative coverings (melamine finish and films) for the furniture industry
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Schattdecor AG is an international group of companies, a world leader in decorative printing. The company's headquarters is located in Germany. The main activity of the company is decorative printing. It is a type of so-called gravure printing, for which Schattdecor is using special water-soluble dyes and organic pigments. Then the paper is impregnated with a pattern and comes to the woodworking industries. The resulting products are used by manufacturers of furniture and floor coverings. Today the company has 13 factories and thousand five hundred of specialists working in different countries of the world.

Tyumen Schattdecor plant - the third ground of German companies in Russia ( in Chekhov printing factory, in Shatura - impregnation plant).


The branch of Schattdecor in Tyumen provides production and sale of lining material - melamine film and impregnation services, sells paper texture, finish and edge-film produced by enterprises of the Schattdecor.

In 2011 there was commissed the plant producing melamine films in Tyumen. The company bought two impregnation channel and a workshop for the production of resins from the furniture company Tyumen called Tour.

In 2012 Schattdecor purchased the building of the former Tyumen Plant of expanded products with a view to reconstruction and construction of a new plant.

Melamine film is decorative paper, soaked with resins. The area of application is quite extensive: 90% of all products used in the manufacture of laminates and laminated boards.

The main consumers are furniture makers and woodworkers.

Raw materials for melamine film come in Tyumen from Moscow plant placed in Chekhov.

The design is annually developed and updated in Germany.

Location: the 5th km. of Velizhansky tract, Tyumen

General information about the project

Implementation period - 2012 - 2014 city of

The volume of investments - 1 bn. Rub.

Number of new jobs created - 100 people.

Capacity of the plant - 50 million m2 of melamine film per year.

It opened on August 29, 2014.