Production of drilling rigs
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Bentec is the oldest European company producing drilling rings, oil and gas equipment.

In 1888 Bentec began its activity as department of engineering, design and manufacturing of drilling rig of Deutag, which was the largest drilling contractor in Western Europe. In 1993 there was formed Bentec GmbH Drilling & Oilfield Systems, which now is an independent subsidiary of Abbot Group concern. Its specialization includes: manufacture of drilling rigs and workover; capital repair, modernization, maintenance of drilling equipment; mechanical systems; electrical systems; engineering studies and technical support; service and repair; logistics.

At the present time there are working Bentec rigs with capacity from 70 to 450 tons on the territory of Russia. Today, the company produces for Russia the most modern high-performance, reliable and easy to operate drilling rigs for cluster drilling capacity of 320 tons (drilling depth of 5000 m), well-established at working in extreme Arctic conditions.


The project "Development of production of drilling rigs such as HR 5000 in Tyumen" is implemented during 2008 -2011 years.

During the 2013 there was carried out the production of a drilling rig CS 320, echelon circulation systems of drilling rigs, made control assembly rig AR-221 in Tyumen.

In 2013 there was mastered a new kind of products: drilling rig HR 5000 Ntw design, the main features of which are modular design, energy efficiency, reduced metal content.

In Russia Bentec in association with KCA DEUTAG established training center, the official opening of which took place on March 28, 2014. The center is for 160 students. There is also built a training rig.

Location: Building 8a, 2d km of Old Tobolsk tract, Tyumen.

General information

Implementation period - 2008 – 2011.

The volume of investments -776 million rubles..

Number of created jobs - 270 people.

The main activities of the company now are:

- Rigs production. Produced drilling rigs are used for multiple drilling machines and are modular echelon type. Plants are built in accordance with API standards (USA) and the GOST allowing for the work in the Far North;

- Design and manufacture of equipment for drilling, overhaul of wells and production for oil and gas industry and application areas in mechanical and electrical engineering;

- The organization of services for Benetec drilling equipment in the Russian Federation.

Consumers of Benetec production in the Tyumen region and outside it are large gas-oil companies and drilling contractors (including Rosneft, Gazprom and others).