Twin cities

Twin cities are cities from different countries, which established permanent friendly ties for mutual acquaintance with the life, history and culture, the strengthening friendship and cooperation between peoples. Twinning of cities contributes to the development of good relations among people. Friendships cities with similar historical fate play an important role in the struggle for world peace. In 1957, representatives of the Twin cities have created the World Federation of United Cities (WFUC). April’s last Sunday designated as the Day of Twin cities by decision WFUC adopted in Paris in 1963.
Cooperation cities expressed in the exchange of delegations, sports and artistic groups, exhibitions, literature, movies, photographs of lifes city, information on the experience city households. This cooperation began in 1942, when the heroic defenders and inhabitants of Stalingrad got a telegram from the authorities and the inhabitants of the English City Coventry, in which it expressed admiration for their courage and made a proposal to establish friendly relations.
Example Coventry and Stalingrad was followed by others city of all the republics of the Soviet Union, as well as many countries in the world. With the growing number of cities wishing to develop friendly relationships, there was the question about the creation organization's movement twinning. In Russia the organizers movement has been appointedInternational Association «Twin cities».