Cooperation with Ukraine

According to the Ural Customs Administration, in 2019 the foreign trade turnover of the Tyumen region with Ukraine amounted to 11,237.14 thousand dollars, including: export - 1,500.77 thousand dollars , import - 9,766.37 thousand dollars .USA .

For reference: in 2018, the foreign trade turnover of the Tyumen region with Ukraine amounted to 20756.46 thousand US dollars, including export - 20 756.46 thousand US dollars, import 6 436.18 thousand US dollars.

The predominant product groups in the export structure are : 29 group of HS FEA "Organic Chemical Compounds", 84 group of HS FEA "Nuclear Reactors, Boilers, Equipment and Mechanical Devices; parts thereof ", 90 group of foreign trade activities" Optical Instruments and Devices "; in the import structure, the main share falls on 72 group of foreign trade activities Ferrous metals, 84 group of foreign trade activities nuclear reactors, boilers, equipment and mechanical devices; parts thereof. "


In November 1996, an enterprise with foreign investments, OJSC Gazturboservis, was founded in Tyumen, the founder of which was OJSC Gazprom with the participation of PO Zorya (Nikolaev, Ukraine). Products were supplied to almost all gas transmission and gas producing enterprises in Russia: Tyumentransgaz, Severgazprom, Yamburggazdobycha, Permtransgaz, Volgotransgaz, Bashtransgaz and others. In addition, OJSC Gazturboservice successfully cooperated with such enterprises of the machine-building complex of Ukraine as NPO Mashproekt and OJSC Konstantin Krivorozhsky Turbine Plant.

In 2010, the Trading House Ukraine-Western Siberia was created. The purpose of creation is the promotion of products of Ukrainian enterprises on the market of the Tyumen region and the promotion of products of Tyumen enterprises on the markets of the regions of Ukraine.

On September 29, 2010, a delegation of the Tyumen region took part in the Forum of Regions of the Ural Federal District and Ukraine, which was held in the city of Yekaterinburg.

On May 24-25, 2011, a delegation of the Tyumen region, headed by Governor V.V.Yakushev, took part in the II Forum of the Regions of the Ural Federal District and Ukraine.

The government of the Tyumen region signed cooperation agreements with the following areas: Nikolaev region, Odessa region, Kherson region, Kharkov region.

Also, on behalf of the Governor of the Tyumen Region V.V.Yakushev, the issue of signing an agreement with the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation on the development of military-patronage relations was worked out.

The agreement was signed by the Governor of the Tyumen region during a visit to Sevastopol on May 26, 2011. In accordance with the agreement, the Tyumen region establishes patronage over military unit 22880 (the patrol ship "Ladny").

In September 2011, a meeting was held in Tyumen with a delegation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Crimea made a presentation of the tourism potential of Crimea.

On April 5-7, 2012, a delegation of Ukraine headed by the Chairman of the Zhytomyr Regional Administration S.N. Ryzhuk paid a visit. During the visit, the delegation visited Tyumen enterprises: Gazturboservice, PKD Krasny Oktyabr, UTair Engineering, met with the Governor of the Tyumen Region V.V. Yakushev, during which issues of cooperation between the Tyumen Region and the regions of Ukraine were discussed.

April 3, 2013 the Consul General of Ukraine in Yekaterinburg Vladimir Ivanovich Bondarenko paid an official visit to the Tyumen region.

The purpose of the visit is the further development and strengthening of international relations between the Tyumen region and Ukraine, as well as a meeting with the Ukrainian diaspora, which is one of the largest national diasporas in the region.

During the visit, meetings were held with the Governor of the Tyumen Region V.V. Yakushev, as well as with the heads of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Tyumen region, with the head of the department of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Tyumen region S.P. Zarubin, with the head of the main department of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia for the Tyumen region Yu.N. Alyokhin.

During the visit, the Consul General met with representatives of the Public Organization of Ukrainians of the Tyumen Region "Fatherland".

In the field of international relations and culture

In order to preserve and develop the Ukrainian culture, traditions, customs, native language, strengthen interethnic ties, as well as ties with Ukrainians from other regions of Russia and Ukraine, the Batkivshchyna non-governmental organization of Ukrainians (chairman Tyrpak Aleksandr Pavlovich) operates in the region.

The activity of the Ukrainian national-cultural organization is carried out with organizational, methodological, financial support of the Government of the Tyumen region.

Socially significant projects of the public organization of Ukrainians of the Tyumen region "Fatherland" in 2013:

Shevchenko Days in the Tyumen region; Christmas parties; Wide buttercream; The Bright Resurrection of Christ; Victory Day; Creative evenings-reports of Ukrainian amateur groups; Regional National Festival; Days of Ukrainian culture; St. Nicolas day; Scientific-practical conference "Ukraine-Western Siberia".

In the State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Culture of the Tyumen Region "The Palace of National Cultures" Builder "there is a department of Ukrainian culture, which is a methodological center for the development of cultural work among Ukrainians in the region's municipalities.

In order to promote and develop the Ukrainian national culture, about 30 amateur art groups have been created and work creatively.

The project Western Siberia - Ukraine: dialogue of cultures and peoples has been highly appreciated by scientists and public figures of the Tyumen region, which since 2008 has been implemented as an international scientific and practical conference within the framework of the Days of Ukrainian Culture in the Tyumen region.

The International exhibition of holograms The Golden Treasury of Ukraine was held on these days, which was held from November 10 to 16, 2009 in the premises of the Museum of Fine Arts in Tyumen, held with the organizational support of the Consulate General of Ukraine in Tyumen, as well as the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

Since 1996, the Tyumen State University, with the support of the Oblast Government, has been teaching the Ukrainian language as part of the Modern Slavic Language discipline, and since 1998 the specialization Ukrainian Language and Literature has been introduced. In two Sunday schools and eight circles of the public organization "Fatherland", about 200 children studied their native Ukrainian language.

In the summer of 2008, the presentation of the album of reproductions of the works Painting. Graphic arts. Decorative and applied art by Dmitry Mikhailovich, a well-known Ukrainian artist in the field of art. The release of the album in the amount of 1000 copies was carried out with the financial support of the Government of the Tyumen region.

In libraries of settlements with compact residence of Ukrainians (Ishim, Tobolsk, Yalutorovsk, Tyumen) there are special departments of literature in Ukrainian.

In the field of culture, the following events were held annually: the regional festival of national amateur creativity "Friendship Bridge", the festival of national children's creativity "Rainbow" with the invitation of Ukrainian groups and soloists, days of Ukrainian culture in the Tyumen region, exhibitions of Ukrainian artists, designers, creative, literary and musical meetings with masters of art of Ukraine, tours of the Ukrainian theater in the Tyumen region, the funds of the regional scientific library were completed with literature in Ukrainian e.

In the field of education and science

Interregional interaction of the Tyumen region with Ukraine in the educational, scientific, scientific, pedagogical and scientific-production spheres was carried out in the framework of the Convention on Cross-Border Cooperation of the CIS Member States, signed on October 10, 2008 in the following areas:

1. Collaboration in the framework of long-term agreements and cooperation agreements

2. Enhancing academic mobility and organizing the export of educational services

3. Implementation of joint research projects

4. Organization of international events (conferences, forums, seminars, etc.)

The ongoing international scientific and practical conferences, symposiums and other events contributed to the development and strengthening of international relations with Ukraine, in which they discussed the implementation of joint research projects, exchanged experience in the field of science and higher professional education, as well as other areas of activity in the field of international cooperation .

In 2012, such major international scientific and practical conferences with the participation of Ukraine were held as: Problems of creating a single economic space and the development of cultural ties of the CIS countries, (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University); Ukraine - Western Siberia: A Dialogue of Cultures and Peoples (annual), Internet conference Problems and Prospects for the Development of Science at the Beginning of the Third Millennium in the CIS Countries (Tyumen State University).

As part of scientific and technical cooperation with Ukraine, Tyumen State University organized a scientific internship for university employees at the Center for Research on the South Ukrainian Borderland (Kherson).

In order to exchange scientific and pedagogical staff at Tsogu, a citizen of Ukraine, Associate Professor Chuprin S.L., was invited to work at the Department of Graphics, Descriptive Geometry and Design.

The Tyumen branch of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the SB RAS together with the Institute of Thermophysics of the UkrAN held annual conferences in Crimea (Alushta) Actual Issues of Physical Hydrodynamics and Thermophysics.

In addition, scientific cooperation was carried out by publishing materials in scientific and popular science journals of the CIS countries. As part of this interaction, the Institute for the Development of the North of the SB RAS published over 20 joint articles.

In 2019-2020, 117 citizens of Ukraine study at higher educational institutions of the Tyumen Region, of which 71 are part-time students, 46 are full-time students.

In the field of labor and employment

In accordance with the data of the Tyumen regional statistics department in the Tyumen region (without autonomous okrugs) 16 988 Ukrainians were registered and live (2010). The Ukrainian diaspora (including autonomous regions) is the most numerous and, together with immigrants from Ukraine, makes up more than 600 thousand people (18.7% of the regions population).

In 2014, the Interdepartmental Commission for Assisting the Voluntary Resettlement of Compatriots Living Abroad in the Tyumen Region made a positive decision for 647 people (of which 309 were Ukrainian citizens), for January-February 2015, 92 people (of which 78 were Ukrainian citizens).